Every once in a while you get to be part of something amazing, humbling and life changing.

The Nanny Diary Gala Dinner event for the Childhood Cancer Association (CCA) on Saturday 19th August at the Adelaide Zoo, was certainly nothing short of that. We were witness to an amazing group of young ladies who pulled together to achieve an outstanding goal of raising over $14,000 for the CCA. The funds raised go directly to the association to help those families, who are at the forefront in fighting against the battle that is childhood cancer.

We sat down after the event with Casey Knight who manages The Nanny Diary and put together the Gala Dinner. As a first time “Solo Event Planner” we wanted to hear her thoughts on the event planning process to see how she went. For a more detailed recap of the night, please visit Casey’s Blog.

TMEP: What was the hardest thing about putting an event together as a first time event planner?

CK: The hardest thing for me was the constant worry of missing important details. I had planned events with groups before but someone always seemed to remember the things that people tend to forget. However, on my own, I felt a lot of pressure to ensure it went smoothly. Ultimately, it would have been my fault if something had failed.

I also found that promoting the event also proved to be difficult and tough going at times. As a first time fundraiser, it was hard to draw people to attend an event they’d never heard of, nor had ever been held before. Trying to figure out the appealing parts of the night and also trying to find and target the right clientele, we needed to attend the event.

TMEP: Was there one thing that you didn’t realise was part of putting together a fundraising event or one thing that completely overwhelmed you?

CK: To be honest, it wasn’t necessarily the organising of the event which was overwhelming, it was actually the evening itself! As the chief organiser and host, I felt like I was constantly in a flap trying to make sure everything was running smoothly as well as interacting with all the guests.

TMEP: Next time, is there something you would do differently?

CK: Next time, we’d aim to plan it in more than 8 weeks! I think the sheer lack of time was a good thing, as well as a bad thing. It meant things had to happen quickly and efficiently, which made it easy to make decisions. However, in terms of guest speakers/dates/venues etc, I would definitely look at structuring the planning of those things better than we did this year. Guest speakers would come first next time, with the venue and date taking a back seat.  I would  also definitely ensure that we have a separate ‘go-to’ person for the night for all things event related.

TMEP: Is there any advice that you would give to someone wanting to do a similar event?

CK: My advice for anyone wanting to do a similar event is to GO FOR IT! The world needs people who don’t fear failure and who want to help where they can. The best thing about a fundraising event, is that if you’re passionate about it, people want to get on board and support it which makes your job so much easier! Even though it was a lot of hard work to organise, there was never a moment that I felt exhausted or like it was too hard. Holding a fundraiser gives you such a satisfying feeling and every bit of your work is rewarded along the way.

TMEP: What process did you love doing? What inspired you or what was the highlight of the event?

CK: I loved ALL of it! Every little thing you do for an event like this is so rewarding, I smiled at every single step along the way.  My favourite thing though, was to pick out everything that would contribute to the tables/venue. I loved the decorating part of it, I loved seeing all the colours come together and I loved how we could keep the same colour scheme throughout every aspect of the evening.

The highlight of the event was definitely the moment I was able to read out how much we had raised at the end of the night. Our guests, as well as myself, were completely gobsmacked that we had raised such an incredible amount for The Childhood Cancer Association. I don’t think I ever anticipated it to go as well as it did, particularly as it was the first time hosting it, but the support and generosity of people blew me away in that moment and I felt such a sense of pride

Behind every great event, there is an even greater team and people that support it to make it a success. In particular there were some very generous and kind donations made from some pretty awesome businesses of which I know cannot be thanked enough.

CONGRATULATIONS Casey and The Nanny Diary team and A HUGE THANK YOU to the Childhood Cancer Association for being a small part of the good in the world. You are making a difference to families and providing inspiration and support to them when they need it the most!
If you would like to donate, see other CCA events or would like to contact them please see their website for further details.

We are already looking forward to the next Nanny Diary Gala Dinner in 2018!

Huge thanks to:
Simply Sublime Events
Quality Catering
Ellshot Photography
Yellow Acoustic Duo
Adelaide Zoo
Made by Georgia Cookies
Jessie Mitchell, Alanna Smith and Brooke Penney
Matt Walker
Rob and Mandy Knight
The Glenelg Club

Silent Auction Donations:
Ava and Ann Handmade
Adelaide Football Club
Blossom Box Co.
Brows to Love
Bodhi and Rose – Hair and Body Boutique
F45  Flinders Park
Go Get Em’ Fishing Charters
Hackney Hotel
Laser Clinics
Linda Stanway
Lunch Bunch
Menz Fruchocs
Royal Adelaide Show
Sleepee Teepee
Sorby Adams Wines
The Layered Cake Co.
The Sunday Mail
Urban Girl
Zoos SA
The Blushing Creator

Live Auction Donations:
Shippy’s Hardware Moonta
The Modern Event Planner
SMBE Doughnut Hire
Tea Pee Party
Confetti Specialists
The Sweet Tooth Factory
Fantasy Kids Parties
Adelaide Football Club
Port Adelaide Football Club
Wykari Wines
Danielle Symes Photography
Eddie Betts and Anna Scullie
Breakaway Houseboat – Karm and Gerard Kleinig
Matthew and Fiona Dixon
Caudo Vineyard

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