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Welcome to the world that is The Modern Event Planner and a big thank you for joining us for the very first edition of The Event Order.

I am Anita, the Creative Founder of TMEP and I wanted to give you a brief introduction on our who, why’s and what’s!

I am not one to talk about myself in the third person, so anytime I am personally on the EO, you will be reading from my point of view and I will try to be as honest and candid about anything ‘Eventy’ (in our world – this is a real word!)

So lets jump in to it. For the past decade or so I have been involved in many different areas of the events industry. To name a few – coordinating weddings in zoos, gardens and wineries, managing catering requirements for major stadium events, selling event space within 5 star hotels and looking after thousands of delegates and speakers within a Professional Conference Organisation.

It has been 18 months since the biggest event in my life came into this world, a now whirlwind toddler that is my dear little Arlo. With a new little assistant by my side, I soon found out that going back into a normal Event “job” was not going to cut it. The time to create and become who I truly wanted to be was NOW.

The Modern Event Planner Support Team – Including Ceddy The Hungarian Viszla!

I designed The Modern Event Planner to be a change maker; it needed to bring about a new way of working and a new way of doing business. I wanted to do things differently.

I understand that time is precious and many businesses simply don’t have the money or budget to employ a full time Event Manager for their events or simply their event is not big enough to hire anyone external for a period of time. But what if, you could outsource some of those time consuming tasks at an affordable rate to a professional.

The rise of the freelancer is here, businesses and anyone planning an event, need to take advantage of that – this is our specialty. We introduced the Planner on Demand to offer a professional Event Planner with flexibility. We want to be part of your team, but minus the full time employment contract. We work around you, your budget and time lines.

There were many times which I, myself just needed help getting that dream team together, finding reputable suppliers who were able to meet my event brief. Sourcing quotes was sometimes the most time consuming job and found I continually put myself on REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.

If only I had a service which I could go to, explain my brief and wait for the quotes to come in, how amazing would that be? Well… if she was told back then, that there was a personalised service – she would have would have said


Our Event bundles for both business Events and Wedding and Special Events is based around the ability to lay those foundations quickly and easily.

Before TMEP was even created, I went looking for an online local event supplier group – I couldn’t for the life of me find one. I simply just wanted to connect with other like minded individuals in the biz but couldn’t!

It was time to create something I wanted and hopefully others did too.

Welcome the Event Market – a place where event suppliers can go to network and chat all things events.

As it turns out, also a great resource for a membership based service for those suppliers wanting access to more business opportunities that come through The Modern Event Planner. As an Event Market member, suppliers get priority access to those event briefs, I mentioned earlier – Great for local business, easier access to quotations and quicker response times to clients, an all round winning combination.

The Modern Event Planner, might not be for everyone or every business – but it is for those wanting to save or create more time, it is for those that simply don’t know where to start or don’t know where or who to go to. It is for those, that want to do events differently and make planning an event, a fun, stress free and enjoyable experience.

In our world we welcome change and thrive off of it, so come and join us, we might just be the change you are looking for. In the words of Charles Darwin..

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.’

Until next time readers…

Anita xo

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