5 reasons to change up your repeat events

We get it. Going back to the same venue each time you hold the same event is easy. You’ve got a great relationship with your venue coordinator, you know the catering menu inside and out, and you know exactly what beans are in the coffee machine!

You’ve created the cookie cutter event. But have you thought about your guests who are eating the same scones with jam and cream at morning tea? 

So, here are 5 reasons why you should throw away your cookie cutter!

Higher Attendee Engagement

We’ve all been there, in a meeting surrounded by the same four walls. Your mind starts to wander half way through and you realise you have been staring at the clock on the wall for 5 minutes.  BUT what if you moved that same meeting to an open space? Another venue with a great view of the city or parklands?

What if each meeting was in a different place, how excited would you feel as an attendee getting to experience something new each time? Engagement levels will increase when your attendees are anticipating a new experience, they want to be involved and engaged. Which brings us to our next point…

A change of scenery supports new and creative ideas

A change in environment allows your attendees to be immersed in a different way of working. It might make them feel either comfortable or uncomfortable. Either way, by being away from their normal environment, it might just spark some new ideas and bring out more creativity whilst working outside of the routine.

Experience new products and services

New experiences are great for team bonding, it creates conversation and opens up the pathways of communication. Changing up your normal venue will give the attendees something to talk to each other about, and quite possibly create better working relationships.

Potentially save some money

How do you know if you are getting a great deal on your event with your venues if you dismiss using alternate options? Shop around, compare the value of each venue regularly, and reassess if your current venue is giving you the right value.

The venue also needs to align with the business and brand reputation – don’t dismiss the value events have on brand awareness and image.  

Expanding networks and create new business opportunities

It is always great to expand your networks and create new relationships. If your go-to venue is not available, then you can have 2 or 3 back up venues that can assist. Depending on what kind of business you are working in, never underestimate where new clients and business can come from. By broadening your event to alternate venues, you are exposing the business to new eyes and new people.


If you feel like your repeat events need some new direction or simply want some more ideas on how to boost your attendee engagement, get in touch with us at The Modern Event Planner – Where your events belong.


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