Outsourcing. You hear about it, you read about it, but have you actually tried it?

One thing’s for sure, once you try it there is absolutely no turning back. You can try and sprint away from the outsourcing movement, but you won’t be able to hide… and we’re excited.

The whole ‘to outsource or not to outsource’ debate has been ignited by the increase in outsourcing to both freelancers and virtual assistants. Professionals from all over the world are reaching out and utilising outsourcing to get jobs done, make the most of their time and finally drink their coffee hot.

We’re all for a hot coffee  (and a cheeky wine) so we dove head first into researching the benefits of outsourcing and why you need to jump on board…now!


Outsourcing your tasks gives you the flexibility to develop a

These Guys got the memo – hot drinks all round

nd expand your business. You will have the time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. There are no exceptions. This gives you every opportunity to let your creative juices flow, and start working on the things that matter most to you and your business. Did we mention HOT coffee? 


Accessibility resonates with us! Why? Because we’re all about being able to help when our clients need it most. This is why we’re completely motivated by knowing that freelancers are as accessible as they are versatile.

It’s honestly never been easier. You can outsource your work with just one click and voilà, you have yourself a well-educated freelancer that is knowledgeable, approachable and reliable.  Accessibility is worth its weight in gold when it comes to business. This makes outsourcing one of the best resources to utilise when networking, marketing and promoting your business and your brand.

 Cutting Costs

‘Cut Costs?’ we hear you gasp. How? Why? When? Where do we sign?

You know why? Because, you’re not employing anyone full time.  That’s why! This means that you can outsource work only if and when you need to, and pay accordingly.  There’s absolutely no need to unnecessarily hire a fulltime employee when you have the option to outsource tasks to a freelancer or virtual assistant. A reduction in overheads gives you the flexibility to spend your money on the things that matter. Like a nice, barista made, hot coffee!

 The benefits of outsourcing are staring us right in our pretty faces, and we need to join the party.

We’re all about making the most of the benefits of outsourcing. We get it. We understand that along with a busy lifestyle comes unnecessary pressures, and stress that could or could not make your hairs stand on end.

That’s the whole reason why The Modern Event Planner offers services on demand.  Yep! Event Planning and management when you want, need and require it.  Pay by the hour, without having to hire an event manager fulltime.

It’s all about being flexible, accessible and helping to cut costs where you need to most. I guess you could say, we aim to tick all of the above so that you can have your coffee hot…and eat a slice of cake too (we won’t tell, if you share).

Outsourcing, the easiest way to drink your coffee without it going cold.

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