Our Purpose

The Modern Event Planner was founded on the belief that access to experienced event management solutions shouldn't be hard or expensive. Unlike traditional Event Management Companies and Professional Conference Organisers, who can be disconnected from the internal teams, we integrate with YOU. We provide effective and inspired event management strategies and solutions. Through our strategic event coaching and ongoing event management subscriptions, we provide flexible event support, develop strategic goals and create accountability. We are here to change the way your events come to life and to give you guidance on how to plan for a successful event. Start your Event Journey with us Today Meet Us

How We Do It

  • The Event Coach

    The Modern Event Planner has an innate understanding of business and corporate events. We know how hard it is to align businesses and brands with the right event objectives. We have a passion for achieving great results for our clients. Through The Event Coach we set you on the right path to achieve your event goals and achieve a successful result driven event. Let us guide you to creating the best event possible for your business today!

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  • Conference Management

    Conference Management and passionate are rarely words that go together. The Modern Event Planner is an exception to the rule. We specialise in and are passionate about bringing people together for a common goal, whether it be 500 delegates for a 2 day Conference or a week long technical program. We get all your ducks in a row and make the seamless transition from ho-hum to unbelievable.

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  • Event Support

    Creating successful events is what drives the team at The Modern Event Planner. We thrive off challenges, problem solving and going against the norm. Some of our clients struggle with some of the challenges running an event throws at them, so we have created one-off and hands on services to assist our clients. Our goal is to ensure their event runs smoothly and the overall planning experience is joyful and stress free.

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Our Blog isn't just a blog - it is where we help connect you to some pretty cool people. You get a sneak peek into what drives us crazy and what makes us happy. Why not take 5 minutes out of your day to come and see what we are doing? It's no reality TV, but may provide you with some light entertainment.

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